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[21.09.23] ENEA, the Italian energy agency, releases guidebooks for tenants, owners and building managers to save energy

  • In the framework of the ENPOR project activities, and with the aim to provide information‚Ķ

ENPOR presents: Methodologies and tools to quantify split incentives – recording and presentations

  • ūüí°How can the costs of energy efficiency measures be fairly distributed between landlords and tenants?‚Ķ

[4.08.23] Briefings – Reaching out to tenants in the PRS, offering them energy advice, and quantifying the split incentive issue: best practices and examples

  • In the past months, ENPOR organised capacity building events, sharing learnings from the project under‚Ķ

[Event on 25.09.23] Anmeldung ge√∂ffnet: Sozial gerechter Klimaschutz: L√∂sungsans√§tze f√ľr eine inklusive Energiewende

  • 25.09.2023 | Frankfurt am Main, DE, Uhrzeit: 11 ‚Äď 15 Uhr ENGLISH BELOW Das Ziel‚Ķ

[01.08.23] Survey: help us assess the gender dimension in energy efficiency policy!

  • As part of the ENPOR project, we are carrying out a short survey on the‚Ķ

[21.07.23] Report – Replication Plan on the possible ways of upscaling best practices

  • The aim of ENPOR is to deepen the understanding of energy poverty policies for the‚Ķ

[29.06.23] Tackling Energy Poverty Through National Building Renovation Plans: ENPOR’s Impactful Policy Session at EUSEW 2023

  • The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) returned with great success from 20-22 June 2023, adopting‚Ķ

[Event presentations & recordings] Split incentives, how to reach tenants, energy advice: ENPOR shares its knowledge!

  • Reducing energy poverty in the Private Rented Sector: How to reach tenants Energy poverty is‚Ķ

[15.06.23] ENPOR’s recommendation included in the new version of the practical guide “Climate Protection in Municipalities” in German

  • The guide is the standard work in municipal climate protection and provides comprehensive know-how on‚Ķ

[31.05.23] Scientific publication – How to improve energy efficiency policies to address energy poverty?

  • Literature and stakeholder insights for private rented housing in Europe Authors: Dimitris Papantonis, Dimitra Tzani,‚Ķ

RENOVERTY survey on rural energy poverty and energy efficiency

  • Help our sister project LIFE RENOVERTY (‚ÄúHome Renovation Roadmaps to Address Energy Poverty in Vulnerable‚Ķ

May 25, 2023 – ENPOR joins the UIPI renovation tour for a second edition!

  • The UIPI Renovation Tour ‚Äď Owners on Board event series continues with ENPOR participation in‚Ķ

[13.02.23] German Electricity Saving Check (Stromsparcheck) extends its heating advice 

  • By Florin Vondung, Wuppertal Institute  Energy poverty has gained increasing attention in the German public‚Ķ

[06.02.23] What is needed for a municipal approach 2.0 against energy poverty?

  • Meeting Energy poverty tackled!? of January 19, 2023 Rising energy prices make it difficult to‚Ķ

[05.02.23] The EPAH national indicators on energy poverty 

  • The Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH) has conducted the update on national indicators for energy‚Ķ

[04.01.23] Rethinking energy efficiency in time of an energy crisis: Concepts, measures and on-the-ground initiatives towards Just Energy Transition

  • Today, Europe is facing an energy, climate, and social crisis. It is hence more urgent‚Ķ

[03.02.23] Energy Efficiency Retrofitting Should Consider Human Lives and Stories

  • ENPOR Updates its Report on Energy Poverty in the Private Rented Sector¬† Alleviating energy poverty‚Ķ

[30.01.23] Austrian ENPOR Measures in the Energy Crisis

  • By Altan Sahin, Austrian Energy Agency  Targeted services for tackling energy poverty  In Austria, various‚Ķ

[24.01.23] Blog – The EU emissions Trading System (2) and energy poor households

  • By Emmanuelle Causse, UIPI. The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), introduced in 2005, puts a‚Ķ

[15.12.22] Highlights of lessons from a year of research on fuel poverty by FEANTSA: how to guarantee a socially fair renovation wave

  • A blog by Anousheh Parsaei, IEECP How to guarantee a socially fair renovation wave –‚Ķ

[14.12.22] People affected by energy poverty feel less healthy EmpowerMed shows 

  • During the implementation of practical activities to tackle energy poverty, the EmpowerMed project researched the‚Ķ

[04.10.22] PRESS RELEASE: Cities and towns set example in the fight against energy poverty

  • Climate Alliance members adopt resolution to mitigate energy poverty More commitment in the fight against‚Ķ

[17.09.22] Energy poverty in Central Eastern Europe

  • Habitat for Humanity International Europe and the Middle East Area Office (HFHI EME) is launching‚Ķ

[16.09.22] Getting the best deal for consumers in the energy transition

  • By Eoin Kelly, energy policy officer at BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation¬† The Horizon 2020‚Ķ

[15.09.22] Local Stakeholders’ First Take on How to Tackle Energy Poverty in Rental Situations

  • A first look on policy recommendations discussed at our latest Policy Forum In the recent‚Ķ

[08.09.22] ENPOR at the EPAH conference

  • As part of the sixth workshop of the EPAH conference, participants unravel different Member States‚Äô‚Ķ

[06.09.22] EmpowerMed’s practical actions to tackle energy poverty in the Mediterranean with focus on women

  • By Lidija ŇĹivńćińć, FOCUS In September 2019, the H2020 project EmpowerMed started. The project aims‚Ķ

[31.08.22] In depth: energy poverty coverage in EED and EPBD recast proposals

  • An article by Emil Martini, UIPI With the publication of the two batches of the‚Ķ

[20.07.22] Press release-ENEA and ENPOR raised high school students’ awareness on the energy poverty topic during the White Energy Week

  • By Axelle Gallerand, IEECP The fourth edition of the White Energy Week, for transversal skills‚Ķ

[04.07.22] News-ENPOR at the 3rd International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science, University of Manchester

  • ENPOR‚Äôs team organized a session on 22 June 2022: ‚ÄúEnergy poverty in the European private‚Ķ

[22.06.22] Blog-Research Yields Surprising Results about Promotional Activities of the Dutch Energy Box

  • by Lenneke Kok (Hogeschool Utrecht) Energy Box is a program and tool created to reduce‚Ķ

[27.05.22] Blog-ENPOR Submits Policy Recommendation to the Draft Law on Sharing CO2 Costs Between Tenants and Landlords in Germany

  • by Florin Vondung (Wupperthal Institute) and Eva Suba (Climate Alliance) Climate Alliance and Wupperthal Institute‚Ķ

[05/05/2022] After event material: Energy poverty and the future costs under the Energy Efficiency Directive: the role of article 7 policies

  • This event gathered members of the European Commission, European Parliament and National Ministries to discuss‚Ķ

[29.04.22] Press release-Alleviating energy poverty in Europe’s private-rented sector: A platform to assess the success and failure of EU policies

  • By Mara Oprea, IEECP Although it is widely recognized that the Private Rented Sector (PRS)‚Ķ

[27.04.22] Looking back at the International Energy Poverty Action week

  • The ENPOR project was delighted to be involved in the organisation of the very first‚Ķ

[07.04.22]Blog – UK Tenant Survey on Energy Efficiency

  • A blog by UIPI – The International Union of Property Owners There is currently a‚Ķ

[07.04.22] ENPOR lunch talk takeaways and recording ‚Äď Tailored Measures for Energy Poverty

  • Energy advice for consumers with few resources, but the right way. This was our central‚Ķ

[07.04.22]ENPOR presented to property owners in Athens

  • Another edition of the UIPI Renovation Tour, this time in Athens with the Greek Owners‚Ķ

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[21.03.22] Blog- STEP: Consumer Organisations at the Forefront of the Energy Crisis

  • Posted on March 21, 2022 – Written by Eoin Kelly, Energy Policy Officer at BEUC‚Ķ

[15.02.22] Blog- A new policy guide on the Energy Efficiency Directive and Energy Savings Obligation for energy poverty alleviation

  • By Axelle Gallerand, IEECP Want to learn more about alleviating energy poverty through energy efficiency?‚Ķ

[11.02.22] Blog-Energy poverty indicators and Italian social economic context

  • By Lorenza Daroda, ENEA We might be surprised of how energy poverty indicators have started‚Ķ

[11.02.22] Sister Project Event: How to create programs that improve health and eliminate energy poverty

  • 30 March from 11 to 12:30 CET Join WELLBASED at the Nature of Cities festival‚Ķ

[11.02.22] POWERPOOR EU trainings

  • The POWERPOOR trainings of Energy Supporters and Mentors are crossing new borders and going beyond the eight most impacted‚Ķ

[11.02.22] Guest post-Gender equality and energy poverty in Albania

  • Key findings of the gender analysis and energy poverty in Albania, by Rezart Xhelo, Katharina‚Ķ

[07.02.22] Blog – How to deliver renovations to energy poor tenants: Greek and Estonian National Renovation Policy Improvements

  • By Eva Suba, Climate Alliance with the input of Marek Muiste, TREA and Christos Tourkolias,‚Ķ

[01.02.22] Join the first Open Online Course on Energy Poverty by EPAH

  • The first Energy Poverty Advisory Hub online course is open to all stakeholders interested in‚Ķ

[10.01.22] Blog – Energy poverty in Athens: a socio-spatial perspective

  • by Dimitris Papantonis, Dimitra Tzani, TEESlab-UPRC The phenomenon of energy poverty and the solutions to‚Ķ

[09.12.21] ENPOR Lunch Talk Discusses Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Buildings and Energy Poverty

  • The third ENPOR Lunch Talk focused on how the EU’s Fit for 55 Package impacts‚Ķ

[27.11.22] Blog – International Day Against Energy Poverty in France: retrospective on the event

  • By Axelle Gallerand, IEECP French version below – Version fran√ßaise en bas de page The‚Ķ

[22.11.21] Recording available – ENPOR Lunch Talk ‚Äď Making Energy Poverty Measures Visible for the Private Rented Sector

  • Do you think energy poverty measures should be made more visible in your area? Do‚Ķ

[05.11.21]Blog-Empowering vulnerable families in their energy-efficiency refurbishment – ENPOR’s contribution to COP26

  • By Eva Suba, Climate Alliance “You can’t fight energy poverty without fixing the housing problem!”‚Ķ

[02.11.21] Our energy justice information and action hub, the Energy Poverty Dashboard, now ready to be navigated!

  • The EPD serves as a platform for stakeholders and policymakers to assess the success and‚Ķ

[26.10.22] Blog – How to tackle energy poverty whilst dealing with a historical rise in energy prices in France

  • By Axelle Gallerand, IEECP Gas prices have gone up by 57% since January 2021, and‚Ķ

[14.10.22] Blog-Italian “White Paper” – an Open Dialogue on Energy Poverty

  • By Lorenza Daroda, ENEA ENEA recently participated through the contribution of experts from the National‚Ķ

[06.10.21] Learn with ENPOR! Test your knowledge and hear from policies and solutions to tackle Energy Poverty in the Private Rented Sector

  • Join us 28 October from 15:45 to 16:15 during the EU Sustainable Energy Week. This‚Ķ

[17.09.21] Analysis of Private Rented Sector Policies and Measures

  • This analysis assesses existing policies in the PRS, reviewing intervention strategies aimed at advancing measures‚Ķ

[23.08.21] Guest article-Fit for 55 and Energy Poverty: Will the new package help energy poor?

  • Guest Article by Zita Kakalejcikova (Habitat for Humanity Intl) On the 14th of July 2021,‚Ķ

[20.08.21] Blog-Building trust through communication: The social side of energy poverty

  • By Madison Steele, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht The word ‚Äėpoverty‚Äô tells us to‚Ķ

[19.08.21] Share your stories for a social media campaign!

  • The Right to Energy Coalition is looking for stories to amplify the demands of people‚Ķ

[19.08.21] Guest Article-Women are highly affected by energy poverty, but strong in fighting it

  • By dr. Lidija ŇĹivńćińć, , Focus Association for Sustainable Development, Coordinator of H2020 project EmpowerMed‚Ķ

[19.08.21] Report: What Prevents Energy Efficiency Policy Implementation in the European Private Rented Sector?

  • The European private rented sector has been a blind spot until now, when identifying barriers‚Ķ

[17.08.21] Energy Poverty: New scientific papers

  • Energy Taxation and Its Societal Effects  Joint Research Centre of the European Commission released a‚Ķ

[17.08.21] Guest article-Perspective on National Strategy against Energy Poverty 2019-2024 in the policy debate

  • By Roberto Barrella, Comillas Pontifical University, Chair of Energy and Poverty – Institute for Research‚Ķ

[20.07.22] Blog-Greek programme to tackle energy poverty should be directed to households with bigger needs for energy upgrades

  • by Stratos I. Paradias, Lawyer, President of The International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) and‚Ķ

[17.08.21] Guest article-SUITE- Scaling Up Innovation Together for Energy Vulnerability

  • Fighting Energy Poverty in a new, comprehensive way through Social Innovation   By Chiara Fusari, AISFOR ‚Ķ

[17.08.21] Guest article-Solutions to Tackle Energy Poverty: Achievements and Lessons from the STEP Project

  • By Eoin Kelly, Energy Policy Officer at BEUC  STEP is a Horizon 2020 project managed‚Ķ

[17.08.21] Stakeholders Improve National Policies Together to Fight Energy Poverty in the European Private Rented Sector

  • ENPOR supports the design and implementation of ten policies that contribute to fight energy poverty‚Ķ

[12.08.21] Blog – Energy poverty and the role of municipalities

  • Featured in eClimail, June 2021 By Helena Daum and Eva Suba, Climate Alliance 34 million‚Ķ

[07.07.21] Support EPAH’s planned activities

  • Dr. Jo√£o Pedro Gouveia of NOVA University of Lisbon, presented the EU Energy Poverty Advisory‚Ķ

[19.04.21] Is the Renovation Wave on Track to Address the Complexity of Fuel Poverty?

  • Marine Cornelis recorded a podcast episode to discuss this issue with Manon Burbidge and Professor‚Ķ

[12.04.21] Help ENPOR review the factors preventing investment in the energy efficiency in the PRS

  • We would like to invite you to complete a quick survey for the ENPOR project!‚Ķ

[22.03.21] The 1st ENPOR News is out!

  • The ENPOR News is a service to understand energy vulnerable households and how to support‚Ķ

[16.03.21] Blog-Italian Financial Schemes and Energy Efficiency

  • via Lorenza Daroda, ENEA Italy has been shaken several times by devastating earthquakes and seismic‚Ķ

[15.03.21] ENPOR’s first Expert Talk РEnergy Poverty in the Private Rented Sector

  • The Launch Event of ENPOR’s Report on Energy Poverty in the Private Rented Sector took‚Ķ

[10.03.21] Research meets policy: Confronting Energy Poverty in Europe: A Research and Policy Agenda

  • This paper analyses existing policy efforts to address energy poverty at the governance scale of‚Ķ

[10.03.21] Energy Poverty Resources

  • The second phase of the EU Energy Poverty Observatory is in the making. In the‚Ķ

[10.03.21] France: 3,5 million people facing problems to pay their energy bills

  • The French National Energy Poverty Observatory (ONPE) published the results of its 2020 dashboard which‚Ķ

[10.03.21] Synthesis Report from the Oxford University Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy

  • Key findings from the Oxford University‚Äôs 5 year Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy have been‚Ķ

[10.03.21] Blog-Social Rental Agencies can play an essential role in tackling energy poverty in the PRS

  • By Maria Figueira, UIPI  Many countries in Europe face high pressure on their social housing‚Ķ

[09.03.21] Guest article-30 milllion people face energy poverty in Europe: The EU needs a political strategy to end this ‚Äď Policy paper

  • By EMILIE MAGDALINSKI,  MARIE DELAIR THOMAS PELLERIN-CARLIN, Jacques Delors Energy Centre, Paris  This policy paper‚Ķ

[09.03.21] Heads up for ComAct

  • The new H2020 project ComAct, which stands for Community Tailored Actions for Energy Poverty Mitigation,‚Ķ

[09.03.21] Heads up for Powerpoor

  • POWERPOOR aims at developing support schemes for energy poor citizens and encouraging the use of‚Ķ

[09.03.21] Guest article-EmpowerMed ‚Äď Women and Health in the Light of Energy Poverty in the Mediterranean

  • By Lidija Zivcic, FOCUS In the coastal areas of Mediterranean countries, the challenge of energy‚Ķ

[09.03.21] Guest article-Fighting energy poverty during a pandemic – Findings from the STEP project

  • By Cezara Popovici, Energy Project Coordinator, BEUC  The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes: one thing‚Ķ

[09.03.21] Blog-Learning by Doing: What the Estonian retrofitting grant teaches us about energy vulnerability

  • By Marek Muiste, Tartu Regional Energy Agency  Let‚Äôs start with a question. How can we‚Ķ

[09.03.21] First Report on Energy Poverty in the Private Rented Sector in Europe

  • Dr. Stefan Bouzarovski and Manon Burbidge (The University of Manchester) state that fuel/energy poverty and‚Ķ

[02.03.21] ENPOR joins forces with other projects, discover them!

  • We are glad to start a partnership with key projects working, like ENPOR partners, on‚Ķ

[26.02.21] Linking energy poverty with broader European policy and financial frameworks

  • Cohesion Policy is key to the EU with around one third of the EU‚Äôs budget‚Ķ

[26.02.21] Energy poverty in the private rented sector: needs assessment

  • To get an authentic insight into the state of play on energy poverty in the‚Ķ