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Reports and findings

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  • Pilot Outcome fiches – Analysis of the policies’ outcomes (D5.2, June 2023)
  • Overview of key findings and inspiring cases (D5.3, April 2023)
  • Policy recommendations paper on setting up energy efficiency policies (D5.4, May 2023)
  • Policy report on the gender dimension in energy efficiency policy support and means to address it (D5.5, May 2023)
  • Recommendations for replicating best practices for energy poverty in the private rented sector (D5.7, M33)
  • Proceedings and material from the EU level events and policy support actions (D4.9, 2023)

ENPOR assessed 30 best practices on energy poverty in the PRS, leading to the development of the Energy Poverty Dashboard, which can recognize and address hidden energy poverty with specific policies.

Policy support

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Policy recommendations

ENPOR examines in depth energy poverty policies for the PRS across the EU, and develops a set of policy recommendations for the national level on: creating coherent definitions for and analysing the full impact of energy poverty, the investment capacity of vulnerable citizens and their landlords, developing new models for energy poor households to renovate the existing buildings, and alignment with developments on EU level on energy poverty. Policy recommendations on multilevel governance of energy poverty in the PRS will be provided based on the implementation of the ENPOR policies. The assessment of 30 policies on energy poverty will reveal their success and failure factors, which will form the basis for adapting and implementing the 10 ENPOR policies in 7 countries. The REACT groups, as key actors, will co-design, inform and support the policies’ implementation.

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