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Tailored Measures for Energy Poverty

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Tackling Split Incentives: A European Outlook

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ENPOR lunch talk takeways

Energy Prices Skyrocket in Europe: Will Fit for 55 help the energy poor?


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Energy Poverty Dashboard goes live

Our energy justice information and action hub, the Energy Poverty Dashboard, now ready to be navigated!


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Energy poverty – or vulnerability – is a critical factor for a fair energy transition. It remains at high levels in Europe due to increasing energy costs and slow progress on energy efficiency improvements. Alleviating its impact in the private rented sector (PRS) is a challenge because of the difficulty:

  • to identify and quantify energy-poor households in the sector,
  • to deliver energy efficiency measures to these households due to structural problems like information deficits, split incentives, and more.

ENPOR aims to overcome both challenges, making energy vulnerability in the PRS visible, and testing energy efficiency support schemes to address it.

ENPOR will:

Examine in depth energy poverty policies for the PRS across the EU

Support the adaption and implementation of 10 policies in 7 countries tailored to the PRS needs

Monitor the dimensions of energy poverty in the PRS with a Dashboard mapping energy poverty in EU

Provide a structured knowledge exchange platform and guidelines for other countries